3. Treaty With Nature 

Seasonal moodboard including other products from like minded brands.

October / 2017
Hand woven peshtemals, all natural beeswax and olive products from Treaty With Nature. 

            Treaty With Nature, collaborates with nature without harming the balance of flora or fauna. By sourcing the finest cotton, beeswax and olive’s from all around Turkey, and working with farmer’s and manifacturers who share our environmental principles, they keep their promise not only towards nature, but also towards our followers and customers. Their collections are made to enhance your daily delight, so they ask you to go ahead and treat yourself!

                For them we worked on a amblem that would work as a stamp, and essentialy could be applied on many different surfaces, including paper, textiles and raw natural materials. Initially the brief was to underline their values and their promise, so we came up with the idea of a north star that would guide their way throughout each of their decision making. From then on, they wanted a more recognizable shape, so we included a heart that was there to care for and protect the balance of nature. Matching strict sans serifs to underline principles, with traditional serifs we ended up with a contasty commercial appeal joined by a respectable value, and voilà!