Branding & Creative Campaign Strategy
Client: Re: From Earth          
Re: From Earth is a new generation platform for well being and sustianable products all gathered under three mediums, a market, application and magazine.

The Branding Process

For Re: From Earth, we envisioned a playful, versatile image that could convey a story of a response from earth to people. Learning new knowledge from natural processes Re:, wishes to build a platform of exploration and expertise to create wholeness.

Their name works as a love letter coming back to us from earth, inviting us to listen to its ancient wisdom and preparing us to live in harmony with it. It hopes to serve as a response message from our kind earth, aiding to heal and reform us.

As we were designing the amblem for them, we envisioned a yellow orb representing a brand new world order, falling upon a beautiful and inviting plant, reassembling itself and strengthening our connection to nature. Through this story we have created an animation and built the brand visuals around this central flower. 

Heavenly, Practice. is founded by İrem Çetinor who believes, practice is essential for achieving greatness in life, so why not keep it ‘heavenly’? 

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