3. Kutnia


April / 2017
From Kutnia’s Website

       KUTNIA is a Gaziantep based fashion brand. For this all naturally produced outerwear for women, we designed a multifaceted image based online shop, bringing the youthfulness and quality of the products under the limelight. It was important for them to carry the brand forward into a global platform using fashion as a language to celebrate local craftmanship.

With a very simple yet elegant product page, this online branding project was particularly fun to work on because of the bright colors and youthful feel.  The website is available in both English and Turkish. This project was a collaboration with Dükkan Creative, Le Koko Collektif and Userpusher. All image rights reserved by Kutnia.

Pure color and slick texture for Kutnia.

For more products and information about Kutnia: