Rebranding & Art Direction
Client: Koç Leather House            

Higher purpose of the brand: High quality leather goods with respect to craftsmanship, the environment and history.

Koç Leather House, is a historic local leather brand in İstanbul and has been in business since the 1960s. With this project we were assigned to recreate their outdated and gaudy visuals and modernize their rooted brand.

The Process
Rebranding -

As we were doing our research on their history, we have realized the Grand Bazaar has an immense influence on the brand’s establishment. We wanted to strip down the logo while keeping on letterform as a memorabilia. This inspired us to turn the letter ‘O’ as a symbol to represent the bazaar,  an intertwined octagon and circle to represent the heart of the rooftop. Doing this we aimed to modernize the brand, while keeping the traditional feel through historical urban references. You can take a look at some moodboard images and sketches from our process.

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