2. Dünya İçin

June / 2018
Beach Clean-up Activities. 

           ‘Dünya İçin’ literally means ‘For The World’, ‘Dünya İçin Burda’ translates into ‘Here For The World’, ‘Dünya İçin Bir Gün’ means ‘A Day For The World’. These three names we use to spread information, communicate messages, stand behind set values and get together to learn from each other.

                We have started this group to host beach and forest cleanups because we think it is time to take action. We are devouring our worlds resources and making a mess on a global scale. Our irresponsibilities and actions have major consequences.
                For this we have decided to host monthly organizations where we would meet and collect trash, recycle them and take them to recycling facilities as a group. We also have ‘trashless’ picnics where we talk about what kind of actions we can take in order to decrease our negative impact on the world. Here you will find photographs from our past events, handouts we have we made for our participants and graphics for our online presence.

              Some of the cleaner, less corrupted trash we separate and use for materials in various recycling activites for kids. This is an evolving work in progress. We will host our third get together this December to finish up this year. Many more collaborations and events to come..

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insta: @dunyaicinburda

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