6. Cumburlop

Mercedes Sosa
October / 2018

Poster series for live internet radio. 

             ‘Cumburlop’ translates into the sound you make when you dive into the water, like a ‘splash’. For the show we came up with an image series that they could use each show as a form of cover art. Made up of around 10 songs each week, this series highlights some of the artists played live on air. The idea came to us when we wanted to underline the individual hope and creative confidence each artist carried, so for that we cropped confident portraits showing the shine in their eyes.  All photographs are already shot and have been artistically developed, we just wanted to pay tribute to both the artists working on these pieces and the musicians. All image rights belong to original photographers.


Mia Doi Todd

Frank Zappa

Herbie Hancock

Sudan Archives

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou
Mariem Hassan

Solomon Burke

For Podcasts 

For Listening Live