2. Begüm Khan

Begüm Khan ‘Eye Of The Sun’ Earrings

June / 2017
Rebranding for Begüm Khan.

            Begüm Khan is an internationally acclaimed jewelry designer, based in İstanbul and Shanghai. For her, we developed a collaged introduction page to emphasize her interest in art history, travel and ambigous objects. This was important for underline her creative process and showcase her inspiration boards. We then tied everything together finally with the brand’s signature color pistachio green. Her website consists of all her products, and detailed information about her, the products, the brand and stockists worldwide. 

Product & About Pages

            All collections are results of carefully plotted research. Our inspiration came from Begüm Khan’s extensive dive into the worlds of emperors, kings, queens, historical artifacts, art objects, natural history remnants and many more intricate matter. From chinese vases to film noir, taxidermied animals to Ottoman Emperors, Khan’s imagination dives deep into endless night tales. We wanted to show her passion for art and history through these mystical, historical characters. What we ended up with was extravagant, free, ecstatic yet itriguing collages. Project initiated and managed by Dükkan Creative. 

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