Branding & Creative Campaign Strategy
Client: Avlu Project           
Avlu, meaning ‘courtyard’ in Turkish, is a collective project celebrating handmade textiles. Their focus is to find and share authentic simplicity coming from the realms of Anatolia.

The Branding Process

The design process for Avlu for was established with the brands founder who is an interior architect. She envisioned a historic Mediterranean look and feel for Avlu and was thrilled with the idea of coming up with a brand that would collect unique things and different craft approaches. Brainstorming about architectural terms, we landed on the idea of a courtyard. A courtyard where both people with distinguished taste and objects with elaborate stories would come together. 

As we were thinking about the idea of a courtyard, as sort of a commonground, we started looking at natural elements, like rock formations, waves, pebbles on the beach, and had the desire to both replicate and include them within the brand image. This is how our pattern with color marks was created, and we treated them as an architectural plan, viewing it from above, each mark became a courtyard on its own. 

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